Tuesday, July 25, 2017



Regarding the recent changes in the Internet Church Service and Weekly Bible study: A couple of weeks ago, Photobucket (a free image hosting website) which I’ve used since around 2008, decided to start charging a very heavy fee for using their images that are embedded in posts like the Weekly Bible Study and Internet Church Service, the cost to continue their service is $400 for the upgrade, probably annually. This is the reason why you see the image that says “PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT TO ENABLE 3RD PARTY HOSTING” on all postings prior to July 17, 2017

There is nothing you have to do; the images are totally harmless and directed only to me since I was the one using their image embedding codes. No harm can happen to your computer when you open any of the affected Internet Church Service or Weekly Bible studies prior to a July 17, 2017, however those images will still be imbedded, probably forever, as I don’t have any plans to pay their fee.

Therefore, I’ve temporarily changed my image hosting site to a similar free hosting site called “Flickr” until I can find a better site for my image hosting. If I change my image hosting site in the future, you will probably not see any noticeable changes in the content of the church service or bible study.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a private message.


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